Immersive Audio (Sound for 360 Film and VR)

Immersive Audio

Music and Effects are specialists in the Soundfield/Ambisonic format and have the longest knowledge base of this format in Australia. They record with Soundfield microphone kits and post produce the sound for virtual reality and 360 film. The team collaborate with VR makers from various disciplines and successfully apply their extensive experience and creativity in sonic storytelling to the latest technologies as they continue to evolve.

Since 1982, Music and Effects has used this technology to record a vast library of 3D sound effects and atmos tracks. They have recorded a library of over 1,500 B-format tracks from around the world including traffic jams in India, Central Park in New York, geysers in Iceland and World Cup street celebrations in Milan. These are typically used to create fully immersive experiences for surround sound in cinema and now, Virtual Reality.